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When dryers and laundry appliances are not functioning properly daily life can be a challenge. Our dryer repair technicians in Redondo Beach have been servicing the South Bay for over 30 years. Our technicians are familiar with and can repair all brands and models of dryers and washers.

Gas & Electric Dryer Repair – (310) 318-3538

All dryers consist of a rotating device called a tumbler.  The tumbler circulates heated air causing moisture to evaporate from your clothes. The humid air produced from this process is funneled through a vent (or tube) outside of your house, leaving the tumbler full of dry air when complete.

Types of Dryers We Repair

  • Electric Dryer Repair – These dryers cost a little less up front and are also easier and less expensive to install. Ventilation requirements are very minimal, needing only steam venting.
  • Gas Dryer Repair – Dryers operating on natural gas or propane cost a bit more up front than electric dryers but less to run over the lifetime of the appliance. Specialized venting is required.

Depending on which type of dryer you have, our expert dryer technicians will quickly diagnosis the problem and give you an honest estimate with a competitive price.  Please do not hesitate to call us for any questions on maintenance or to schedule your dryer repair – (310) 318-3538.

Thank You!