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Microwave ovens are there in almost every home today. Over the years, these home appliances have proven to be some of the most useful ones in the industry. To be precise, they make life easy as you can do most of the things with your microwave oven which you would have typically required a stove for.

However, one mistake that many homeowners make with their microwave ovens is that they go for years without any cleaning or maintenance. This results in many problems, which might even require complete microwave replacements.

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Step#1 Unplug and Examine

Before you begin on the inside, unplug the microwave oven and check the cable for any signs of damage. A rotting or damaged cable could mean serious danger. However, if the cable is ok give it a quick swipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean it.

Next, open the microwave oven and examine it from the inside. Check out which parts can be removed and look for the stickiest spots that need extra scrubbing. You can also pre-treat these spots with a cleaning spray or apply some dish detergent so that the spots loosen up.

Step#2 Remove the Turntable

Depending on the brand of your microwave oven, you may have a glass tray, turntable or plate inside. Remove it and wash it down in your sink. Be very careful as this turntable can be quite slippery and if it breaks, you might have to wait days to find the proper match.

Step#3 Extract the Turning Element

Many microwaves have a turning element at the bottom of the tray to rotate it; others might have a small triangular motor head to rotate it. If it can be removed, doing so will give you easier access to all the dirt underneath it.

Step#4 Clean Everything Inside

Whether it is the cheese from the last cheese burger you warmed up in there or if it is the ketchup spots, take a damp sponge and start cleaning. Do so with a non-abrasive sponge so as to protect the interior of the oven. Start with the top and remember not to use an excessively wet sponge.

Step#5 Clean the Sponge

Remember to wash the sponge after every little while to clean of any crumbs and debris which might have accumulated on it. This will result in more effective, thorough cleaning.

Step#6 Clean the Exterior

After you are done cleaning the interior, it is time to clean the microwave oven from the outside. Start from the front, cleaning the door, hinges, and any crooks you notice. Slowly take it to the back of the oven where you might notice grease or sticky debris. Clean it out and ensure that the oven has good ventilation.

Step#7 Inspect It All Over

Once you are done, leave the microwave oven door open for awhile for it to dry out. Also consider examining it all over again from the inside out. If you have left out any spots, don’t hesitate before cleaning them.

These 7 tips to cleaning and maintaining your microwave oven can go a long way in keeping your oven functional. If your microwave oven is causing problems and you need oven repair services, be sure to call us at Appliance Guard, South Bay’s Best Appliance Repair.  We offer fast appliance repair services and first time discounts.

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