Its that time of year, when the sun sets a little later and rises a little earlier, and people begin to use the kitchens to cook less and use their BBQ’s more. This may be a good time to provide some needed oven maintenance and repair.

A good tip to remember at this time of year: We do not recommend self-cleaning your oven prior to a big bake or cook day as this will occasionally cause thermostats to trip or door latches to fail or even worse sometimes electronic controls to fry.  If you have a week or 2 to spare then by all means run the self-clean on your unit. Our best recommendation is to run this function during a time when your oven is not critical to a function or event.

Also, when cleaning your range top or cooktop be very careful with the amount of water or cleaning solution you use around the knobs and also around the ignition device. We all know from the 5th grade that water conducts electricity, hence when you splash water on a cooker that uses electricity to ignite it’s flame you run the risk of short circuiting the system and this can be very frustrating and scary as it will often cause burners to click excessively or sometimes smolder and burn up. It is not usually a fire hazard but using a damp cloth is more than enough to clean the unit.

Appliance Guard is always stocked with the latest oven parts and maintenance equipment.  We have been providing quality oven repair service to the residents of Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes and Long Beach for the past 2o years.

Thank you !