Home appliances are extremely integral to our daily lives and functionality as a household and family.  So when they are not working properly things can quickly become difficult.  But how do you choose an excellent appliance repair company ?

How can you find a good appliance repairman who will be honest, professional and skilled?

A good place to start is by asking friends and neighbors. Who have they called in the past? Were they satisfied with the repair work? Would they use him (or her) again? Why orwhy not? Were the prices reasonable? Did the service technician look and act professional?

While you’re perusing Google and other online resources, look for an appliance repair company that accepts credit cards.  Small business owners have to jump through a few hoops to accept payment by credit card. The business owner’s credit history (personal and business) must be satisfactory before they will approve a merchant’s application for accepting major credit cards.

Credit cards also offer the consumer some recourse for shoddy repair work.  If your appliance is not repaired to your satisfaction, you can contact your credit card company and request that the cost of the repair be charged back to the merchant. You’ll get a credit – the appliance repair shop will get a debit.  This takes a some paperwork and patience, but offers a degree of protection to the consumer who’s worried about getting ripped off.

Don’t shop price by looking for a technician that promises lowest prices.  Call a few appliance companies and ask some leading questions:

  • How much would you charge to change the water pump in a Whirlpool washer machine?  
  • What would be the total bill for this repair, including any service charges,fees, parts and labor?

This is a very common repair and most companies should be able to rattle off a price quickly. A specific repair is a good way to compare true costs and uncover any hidden fees.  Don’t shop by price alone. You don’t want the cheapest guy in town working on your electric or gas appliances. Find someone in the middle or on the high end.  If they are not charging the lowest fees then their business is successful because they are skilled and have good customer service.

Look at their website.  This is another indication of the effort they have put into their business.  Have they invested in a proper website?  Are there real testimonials listed with a YELP link?    There are many shady companies that throw up websites in major cities sometimes over 50 miles from where they are located.  They are trying to trick Google into making them look local and trick you too.   There is no reason to use a company that is not local.  You want your appliance repair technicians to be local so they can become familiar with your appliances and be close for emergencies.  There are even some big brands getting into the game like Sears and this new SERVIZ, which is actually an internet marketing company, not an appliance repair company.  They are using venture capital money to compete with mom & pop by giving flat fees on repair – Before they see the appliance.  Beware.   Read the online reviews.  Reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List are great for home services like appliance repair.

When you call the appliance repair company, ask some questions, such as:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you insured, in the event that a repair causes damage to my home?
  • Is there a written guarantee on the work performed and the installed parts?
  • How long is the warranty?

Ask if the firm’s owner does the repair work. Finding a successful and growing business where the owner still goes out on calls may be challenging, but you’ll usually get superior work quality.

Appliance Guard is family run, with our owner also working in the field as a technician.  We provide fast and professional appliance repair services in Long Beach, Redondo, Torrance & the entire South Bay.

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